Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The millennium Village in Kenya Via Pictures

BBC has a great set of pictures and captions through which one can follow the progress of the pilot of the millennium project. Seems like a success to me so far.
ON a sadder note, the drought in Kenya! How amazing. I know it's only about 10% of the population, so I wonder if it means Nairobi is still going about its business, uninterrupted. And as I read the papers the other day, Raila was accusing the governemnt officials of not having been present, so as to be aware of a looming disaster. Is he not one of the officials?

Which brings me to the usual expected observation that it appears there will be an exponential number of presidential candidates for the 2007 elections. If only kenyans would decide what they wanted, for themselves and from their leaders. Then proceed to identify what is their duty and what is that of their leaders. Then man up, and start to take responsibility for the roles they play in continuing the rot and decay that exists in may parts and elements of the country. Because otherwise, there will be 100 elections come and gone, tons of bickering Kenyans past and present, and absolutely no essential changes made, all as a future forecast!

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angels*of*poetry said...

wow...thats amazing....truley spectacular...it brought tears to my eyes...now let us bring tears to yours.