Thursday, October 27, 2005

This and That.

So Rita came and went, Wilma too and Alpha is done too and now Beta is in the making. Not expected to affect the USA. Of course the news keep reminding us that there are Americans stranded in Cancun. The real people we need to worry about is the Mexicans who lived there, who have no money to start over and who rely on tourism to eat, I would think. Sure, the Americans are stranded in less than perfect conditions, but, bah, they will soon be home to nothing but luxuries compared to the Mexicans they'll be leaving behind. And not to mention that they left here with all the Wilma warnings indicating precisely that the Yucatan and the Peninsula were going to take a massive hit. Where is the shocker?!

What about Haiti, Cuba? All these needy places suffering under these bad weather. If the US is struggling with these worse than normal onset of inclement weather, how much worse are these other people doing? People dying everywhere. What about the quake and all its victims? The mudslides across the ocean? It's no wonder the Armageddon debate has totally revived. And to fuel that debate, the Gaza pullout. Read the Revelations and see if the shoe fits.

I've become almost numb to the tragedies now. It appears the best we can do is to hope and pray its not hitting exactly where we are standing at any given moment. I've never witnessed so many massive tragedies in under 365 days. Count them, starting with the unforgettable Tsunami. Does everyone else feel like it started what is yet to end? And what lack of meaning it throws to our whimsical everyday cares. Mortgages, for what? A house that goes to rubble in 5 seconds should mother nature decide?

I've been reading on the constitution and I must say that I don't know whether to vote yes or no. Anyway, isn't the real problem with our choice of politicians? Because we could fix this constitution until every one of the 30 something million Kenyans was satisfied, but if Parliament continues to operate with a quorum of 20 members... Are we getting anywhere? Is the real problem the constitution or underinformed, easily manipulated voters? Or is the problem really lack of good candidates vying for the political posts.

Frankly I wonder if any of this matters at all to anybody. The world will still go round, nay?

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