Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Innocent voices

I'm posting a link to a foreign film that should soon be available in theatres that show foreign films around you (those in the USA). Everyone else, get your hands on this movie. The screening of this movie was done in Chicago last night. Then they introduced the man whose story this movie tells. I'm made to understand there was not a single dry eye in the audience.

This movie is not receiving the warm welcome in the US. Why? Because it tells the story of the el-savadore war. This is a war that had so many atrocities in it and also a war that was funded by the US. America has been taught to forget the facts of its mistakes. But some very keen Americans want people to view this movie. The timing may be significant due to the Iraq war or may not.

All this does not matter. Stand alone or leaning on history, this is one life changing movie. Life changing. See it.

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