Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Standard paper finally had some positive news. The treasury finally reported a surplus. Yes the very same country. And of interest to note is that the government cut down on an approximate 25M by reducing spending on perks and entertainment for its ministers. Amongst other contributers, better tax collection seemed to be of major effect. I like to acknowledge a good start. So Kudos on this milestone. However, what measures have been put in place to make sure this trend continues - uninterrupted- I would like to know. Interruptions in developing places like this include dipping sticky fingers into money pots. So who is watching, who is accountable and who is responsible for making public, public expenditure. After all it is tax payers money, and everyone deserves to know how their hard earned shillings are being spent.
Read the whole article here if interested.

As a sidenote, am I impressed or what? That KTN journalist who was slapped by the first lady proceeded to file a police report and demand action. I am not stupid, thus not holding my breath for any action to follow. But I like the fact that the Standard did not let all this go away like it never happened. And by filing a complaint, he allows us to ask Brigadier Ali, "what have you done about that criminal activity practised by the first Lady..."

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