Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Appropriate Action

So much has been said about Lucy Kibaki's actions. My friends and I got into a very interesting conversation about whether Kibaki or a memeber of his family should have made a public comment. I am under the opinion, 'absolutely not!' This is one of those things you let the public discuss until they beat the animal to death. I personally feel that there is nothing one could say that could fix an action involving a criminal activity, the slap on the journalist's face. I think it would be a very unwise decision to in any way, make the president responsible for his wife's actions. I think that any comment from his family would be an indication of them taking some kind of responsibility.

Truth be told, this woman is most probably clinically insane. ...I didn't think I would hear too much noise against that comment. As a family, Kibaki's household must be in chaos already. This is one of those private situations for all and what a nightmare when the family insanity becomes public. Now can you imagine how much worse when the woman is the first lady? Again, since her position is not elected nor nominated, its default, how much weight should all this carry with the general public? Are we being fair by asking why Kibaki lets this happen? What I want to know is why the driver actually drove her to the Nation house. And more so, why her bodyguards followed her there. Isn't part of providing security for her supposed to be they knowing her proposed destination before hand? What if she found a major robbery going on at the Nation House and got shot down by panicked thugs? These 'Bodyguards' need training.

My friends disagree. They think anyone from Kibaki's family should say something, anything. So that the public feels that the issue hasn't been ignored. In all fairness, if this was a regular mama on the loose, mum and wife to an everyday nobody, wouldnt she probably be in Mathare or whatever psych unit her family could afford for her? Would her husband need to offer a public apology? Isn't this where we all as a nation have to elevate and just see the situation for what it is. Take the drama out and deal with the hard facts? All I am asking is, who is responsible for Lucy's actions, Lucy or Kibaki?

And now that Lucy has gone on and filed an official complaint, can you imagine if someone had taken responsibilty for her actions? Would they have to keep fixing/patching situations that she created? For how long?

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