Friday, May 13, 2005

Blatant Racism

Some stuff annoys me, then it just depresses me. This racism stuff is so old it needs to rest. I'm torn between wishing I felt it as a reality versus my current situation, which is to feel like an outside observer being afflicted by it too. Its weird how a racist action, such as being followed in a store, just for being black has no effect on me other than to wish the perpetrator would 'elevate' and stop being so shallow. Not so with an American bred black person. Its personal and they get actively angry. This may be better than my passive 'maybe anger' thing. At least they recognize what they feel. I don't know about you all but I don't grasp this concept on any level. I see it, I recognize it, but I don't get it.

Anyway, this Lockheed Martin business has me riled up. I am completely broken to note that the society, under Bush's regime has become very bold in the face of racism. I mean what does it mean, to argue, that these shootings, these murders were not racially motivated because 1 white guy was murdered too. Please note, the fact that he was killed after being called a "nigger lover" and trying to act as a human shield between the murderer and another black guy carried no weight. None at all. This is not a racially motivated shooting spree.

And please pay no attention to the fact that there had been numerous complaints filed by HR and executives against this guy. All racist comments, including murder threats. Isn't this illegal on any aspect. Can someone define 'hostile working environment'? What is this BS? I feel completely offended that this is debatable. Completely. At least in the days of slavery, they didn't treat us as fools. They just made it clear what it is that they think of us.

You know what else I want to know, since these Lockheed Martin 'thingi' thrives on government contracts, which translates to taxpayers money, which includes black people's hard earned dollars... When do these contracts get cancelled? Never? Ohh, they are Bush's cronies they can do whatever. I have a few choice words for here. But just in case an underage person is reading this and the Christian current government is all about morals... Yeah morals... Someone ask them to SHUT UP!

Anyway, here is the link to why I'm torn between being livid and throwing in the towel...

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KevinG said...

I thought we had resolved that no one race is superior to another. It is really scary that there are still living breathing bigots all over this great land. What is alarming is that bigotry can be voiced in a work setting, coupled with death threats, based on this stupidity. The part I cannot wrap my mind around is how this was an ongoing trend for years. What happened in that Lockheed Martin HR office in Georgia after the first racist slur was said? How about the first time a death threat was made? How do you let that slide? Not in this day in age. Not even in the South. That violence has its roots in gross negligence.