Monday, April 27, 2009

Little bit of this, little bit of ...

This year started with some challenges. A good friend survived a brain aneurism. That’s the good news. The bad, we don’t know the extent of the damage. Why, we had all just moved states and where she is at is far away. Our connection to her is, (read was) a boyfriend, who has decided to take all control and cut us off. Why? We didn’t respect her privacy, he says. How did we do that? We shared the news with only very good friends. Point to this? We’re all struggling to find out. Meanwhile, a reunion over the weekend almost brought us to our knees over the issue. The sheer frustration of not being able to reach a friend in her time of need, because someone blocks your access and the worry that accompanies that, it can be very confusing. Plus, I know if she woke up, she’d kick him hard in the nuts for the very behavior. So I feel that he’s abusing her, because he can, because she is ill and unable to protect herself. I have genuine fury over all of this. I just came to the full realization that it was eating at me more than I was accepting over the weekend. Prayer. Prayer. Over all things we have little control over. Still, I can’t help enjoying a mental picture of bumping into him and kicking him – hard!

This swine flu thing is ridiculous. I’m grateful this news breaks after my 3 bouts with flu in the past 5 months. Otherwise, I’d have died from imagining I had the damn thing. Swine flu? How scary is anyone who coughs around you right now?

Raila! After I had just praised his behind for beginning to show maturity. I should have known better. Now he wants fresh elections? In the same country that does not have an electoral board? Are these people seriously this callous? This careless? This insane, this stupid? Are they really this incompetent? Is it truly possible to utter such crap, such potentially dangerous crap and sleep well at night? Soon that country will be an extension of Somalia. Anarchy will rule the day. But quote me later on this. The tides are shifting. Change is coming. Where victory will belong to the upright. And what you hear are the winds of change. And many wolves in sheep clothing will be very exposed. Many of whom just sit back and point fingers from what seems to be far away places from politics. Shake up, shake down, shift and change.

I need some knowledge on something. Not advice, not opinion. Knowledge. If I just knew something so I could decide on something else. Inexperience is killing me here. Being 50 will sure be welcome on matters such as these. And everytime I bring it up to people, they start either blaming my attitude, expectations or habits. Which is all fine if they feel that way. Point is, it’s who I am and that probably won’t be changing anytime soon. All I want to know is, what do you know about this? All I keep getting is, I feel, I feel, I feel. I don’t really care about your feelings on this one. Not rudely, just really. What are the facts? It’s strange how these two questions are not different to most people. I’m sitting on absolute knowledge that I’m about to make a mistake. But I’ll make it with the best knowledge that I have at this time.

Them Mavericks are doing ok! Lebron? Whoa! Duane Wade? Him too. Kobe, not surprising, but damn!

Today, I really feel the distance between me and my mum. I'd like to hug her.

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