Thursday, July 26, 2007

It wouldn't be funny, were it a joke

What? What is this I'm reading about send off packages? Let me make it very clear. We are not about to lay MPs and/or cabinet staff off. They have served their time, as they expected to have when they first took these offices. These offices are temporary and have been designed that way. What is the severance for then?

Had these servants of Kenya (wishfully) served with a very low compensation range over their 5 years, I may have entertained this thought. But this is not the case. These people earn obscenely over and above minimum wage. If they are making the decision that people can survive on that minimum wage, why aren't they within the same thinking concluding that they've earned enough and Kenya as a developing country needs to put its money to better use. These greedy nincompoops must be stopped.

I propose: Whenever this bill will be read to be voted on in parliament, could we have a pundit in there please? Any single one of them that votes to allow for this severance must be rejected at any and all polling stations infinitely. Never again, should they serve Kenya. Ili iwe funzo kwao na wengine kama hao. Agreed? Let them earn the right to be servants to the people.

My message to all of them; Tabia mbaya! Stop!

And this dealio with added constituencies. I'm just disgusted by the papers today. Not the journalistic aspect of it all. The content. In meaning, the shenanigans that are going on in that country. These women who must be nominated into parliament...why? How comes thay cannot be elected in? This gender equality is too expensive. Shun it! And seriosuly, after beijing, run a campaign and win it! Why the need for the freebies?

Truthfully speaking, what is this about adding constituencies? If there is research that has been done, and results showing that some constituencies, either due to great need, overpopulation, geographic factors, or size need to be trimmed down, I want to see it. Outside of which, this is an irresponsible proposal. Anything that eats into the budget with such regularity should be thought through and should be proposed with prudence. Anybody that reads this blog knows that I'm all for Kibaki and his many positive outflows. So I want to cautiously wonder if he agreed on this because he knew the decision ultimately lies with the house? And by agreeing with it, he doesn;t have to catch any flak for it. Let me hope so. Because, if it's not the case, I'm going to question how he arrived at this being a necessary burden on the tax payer. For the same reasons, I adamantly say no to the creation of a Prime Minister position, I say no to the addition of constituencies. Simply because it amounts to waste of tax payers money. And if any constituency needs subdividing, let us see the research supporting that.

I'm agape. Totally amazed by how greedy these politicians are. The best get rich quick scheme in Kenya has become to join the parliament? There has to be a way to stop that increase should they vote it in for themselves.Seriously voters, should anyone vote any additional money to themselves, vote your stealing neighbor in, the cat, or a cyclone. Just not the same person back.

Bubudiu tupu!

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