Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Things that make you go mmhhhh...

Several things in a day. Tons in a lifetime.

Sucker uppers! Can't believe how an educated, trained professional can turn into a rat, just to win favor with an idiot. An idiot where how he got into management is being discussed as the 9th wonder. Sucking up, sucks on everyone. Its wayyyy uglier on men! How emasculating. And I'm expected to respect this same person as a capable colleague? Surely, if so capable, let your work speak for you! Jeez! What beats that though, is when this sucker upper actually gets a promotion. How dumb can everyone in a company be? For me, that's soyanora time. I don't like to work for idiots!

I respect and adore protocol. But its a thin line between love and hate. I abhore processes/protocol that undermine the end goal. Say for example, any process that requires me to fill in a form for like 15 minutes is just not worth it. Especially if the only purpose that process serves is none other than protocol. Ask "why this protocol" and receive an answer "Just protocol, for uniformity" Makes me wanna scream! Processes/protocol must be designed and implemeneted with reason. If they inhibit convinience and efficiency, their pros must outweigh these cons! Seriously, it's not rocket science!!! Forget going mhhh... Its going aaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhhh!

All kinds. Start with those from your parents. They can singlehandedly ruin your life. Move on to the "eros" type. What a sham! So why is society all gang ho on this relationship thing? Yeap! I'm convinced everyone is just trying to fit in. I can't be the only one who is totally exhausted by all this expectations to be attached with a theme towards forever. Forever is a long time to be compromising for 24 hours in a day people!!!Wonder why everyone after a year or two of marriage is singing how much work it takes? Of course it does! It's much easier not to share your money, space, ideas and decisions! You must have known that! But of course, if you're going to give this up, you better be sure there are benefits that outweigh the compromises one makes. Yes, I know! I have stirred the hornets nest. Sawa!

I mean our bodies are just the ultimate intelligent design. I get that we need to feel pain to afford attention to ourselves, a good alert mechanism, granted. However, why isn't part of this intelligent design a trigger that goes off in the brain to let the pain know you've caught teh problem and you're on it. I hate physical pain. Once it's not serving a purpose its just being a nuisance. Intelligent design error number one. There are more. I'll fill them in as teh days go by. Having said that, I still believe this to be the most intelligent design ever and I know its unbeatable. Argue all you want. Its all hogwash to me.

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