Wednesday, September 14, 2005

See the movie "The constant Gardner"

I saw the slums of Kibera and was shocked. They go on forever. Plus plastic bags are bad for the environment. An aerial view of Kibera slums is completely amazing. Not in a good way. It's a good movie but for the fallacies of shooting in Africa as always. I completely agree with the government. They need to build highrises and bulldoze the slums away. As long as none of those people get displaced... I'd say prioritize it. The stagnant "dark black" water...Not flowing with a bridge over it. I am still completely amazed.

I take great insult to this. Without ruining the movie, there's a kid, roughly in standard four. At some point he writes something with the word "sleep" in it. Only, they make him spell it as "sleap". Tell me... When you know Olympic Primary dorminates KCPE...In standard four we wrote compositions... And this same kid is stuttering his way through English... I was just saddened. That they would rather show lies, to perpetuate the misconception. You know this kid in reality, at about standard four, speaks and writes fluent English. Writes it much better than same age school kids here in the USA.

What I don't understand is the desperate need to perpetuate this misconception.


Anonymous said...

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Part 2 said...

the constant gardener was a very good movie ... i found nothing to be insulted about ... i remember not being able to spell ... and i empathize with that kid in that sense.

Adrian said...

someone else also suggested to watch this movie. the kibera part you just mentioned doesn't spoil it for me, but makes me wonder whether i really want to see all these lies or misconceptions...