Friday, July 29, 2005

Diplomacy from the UK - Please

In a recent blog, I complained about the lack of diplomacy that was displayed by Clay when he made scathing attacks at the Kenyan government outside of regular diplomatic protocol. I pointed out that Kenya allowing this to go on from Clay and the UK in general was a bad move and headed to bear bad fruit. Call it premonition. Here today, what does the UK do? They revoke a government official's visa to the UK. No good reason is given. And worse, the government learns from the airlines. And Kenya considers Britain to be a friendly country.

Whether one agrees with Clay on his views against the government in general, or against Murangaru, this has to be viewed as outrageous. It is a huge deal to have a visa revoked. It is a bigger deal to revoke the visa of a government official. It is completely rude and malicious to revoke the visa of a government official and ignore the diplomatic protocol expected, which is to send a notice to his government. We gave them that inch. We allowed them to get away with Clay's undiplomatic ways. And I'll be damned, if they haven't taken a mile.

Rumors that there's bad blood between Murangaru and Clay and that this may have caused Murangaru's, sudden and vicious,if not malicious; visa withdrawal are out aloud already. True or not, who knows. But doesn't it seem weird that the mighty UK went to bed one day, woke up the next and withdrew a visa, no reason given? I'm eagerly awaiting the so called High commissioners office's explanation.

I'll say this despite the fact that no one is asking me. Kenya needs to file an official complaint against the UK with the non performing UN. Just have it in file. At the very least get the fact that diplomacy seems to have flown out the window when the UK so called diplomats are dealing with the Kenyan government needs to be addressed at a much higher level and immediately. This issue needs to be nipped and it needs to be nipped now. If you are yet unconcerned, ask yourself, this today, what tomorrow?

And didn't they tell us we are rich enough to afford our debts. Surely, let's look like independent people. Let's demand the respect that is due to any nation, from any country, supposed world giant genre or not! That's the only way to secure the future of any country.

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